Mission, vision and values

Misión Visión Valores

Abenewco has defined its Mission, Vision and Values as follows:

Mission: to develop and implement innovative, competitive and sustainable technological solutions in the water, energy and infrastructure sectors in a socially responsible manner.

Vision: to be a global reference in the development and implementation of innovative technological solutions that contribute to sustainable development in the water, energy and infrastructure sector

Values: our performance is based on the following values that guide the behavior of our organization:

  • Safety and Health as a priority: we put safety first, seeking the highest level of safety in all our operations, thus showing the utmost commitment to the protection and care of all our employees and collaborators.
  • Diversity and equality: we understand, from the globality of our organization, the need and richness of diversity, having as maxims: integration, respect and equality of treatment and opportunities.
  • Integrity and reliability: we operate honestly in all our actions and fulfill our commitments.
  • Professional rigor: we apply the highest standards of excellence in our management, acting as a team with the highest degree of involvement and commitment.
  • Customer orientation: we invest our efforts in getting to know our clients' needs, adapting our solutions to their requirements and acting with a true vocation for service.
  • Innovation: we are committed to technology and innovation as a way of contributing to sustainable development, offering competitive, effective and efficient solutions.
  • Sustainability: we focus on offering solutions that contribute to the development of the communities where we operate, to the care of the environment and natural resources, always acting in a socially responsible manner.
  • Compliance and Transparency: we offer truthful information in a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders and are governed by our Compliance policy, which ensures the legality of our actions and respect for business ethics.

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