Mission, vision and values

Misión Visión Valores

Mission: our mission is to create innovative technological solutions for sustainable development in the Infrastructures, Energy and Water sectors that contribute to social well-being. Our business management is part of a responsible policy framework and responds to the principles of efficiency, transparency and responsibility, generating value for all of our stakeholders.

Vision: to be a world leader in the development of innovative technological solutions in the Infrastructures, Energy and Water sectors, in a way that contributes to economic and social progress, developing an ethical culture which enhances a model of responsible management with our environment, and a sense of pride of belonging among our employees.

Values: our activity is based on ethical values that guide the behavior of our employees, partners, collaborators and suppliers. The Compliance of principles of actions is the only way to build market trust and the respect of the public.

  • Safety and Health: we pursue the highest level of safety at our facilities, projects and in our processes, demonstrating our commitment to the protection and care of our employees, contractors, customers and local environment.
  • Integrity: we perform all our activities honestly both inside the organization as well as in the communities where we are present.
  • Transparency and good governance: we offer accurate information in the form of ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, responding the needs of our environment. The policies and programmes relating to Compliance set out the guidelines of our corporate strategy and ensure that laws are complied with, in addition to showing respect for business ethics.
  • Professional rigour: the involvement and spirit of service in which all of our activities are performed are truly essential to the success of the organization.
  • Reliability: the implementation of standards of excellence in the execution of projects and the competent undertaking of our activity allow us to promote safe and reliable scenarios for our clients.
  • Client focus: we invest our efforts to know our clients’ needs and adapt our portfolio and services to meet market expectations.
  • Innovation: we firmly believe that technology and innovation is the source of our competitive advantage. This enables us to provide cutting-edge products at global level and maintain a position of leadership in renewable technology, which is an identifying trait of the company.
  • Social contribution: we apply collaborative business models in which our environment derives maximum benefit and that contributes to the local economies where we operate.
  • Respect for the environment: we direct our activity in order to obtain solutions which contribute to the fight against climate change and the respect of natural resources. Operational processes are designed in accordance with the best international practices which minimize the environmental impact of their activities.
  • Cultural diversity and equal opportunities: the international character of our organization marks the relations between our employees, and these promote cultural diversity as an added value. The policy that governs the management of our team positions equal opportunities as the only way to attract and retain the best talent.

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