Meeting with Shareholders

Start date: 10/23/18

On October 23rd, 2018, Abengoa will organize in its offices in Seville a meeting with those minority shareholders who wish to attend, during which an update of the most relevant topics will be carried out followed by a questions and answers period. 
The meeting will be held in Spanish.

- Date: October 23, 2018
- Time: 12:00 CET
- Address: Campus Palmas Altas. C/Energía Solar 1, 41014 Sevilla.

Those shareholders interested in attending, please register before October 22nd by 17.00 CET through the Investor Relations mailbox (ir@abengoa.com) providing the following information:

- Name
- DNI (ID card)
- Supporting document of the position in Abengoa's shares dated October 2018 (the document must show the number and type of shares, the account holder's name, and the date).

This data will be verified upon arrival at the meeting.

Click here to see the presentation used (in Spanish)

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