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Abengoa highlights the role of storage in a conference about the future of solar thermal energy

April 6, 2020

  • Organized by the World Bank Group, the conference -which was celebrated online bringing together sector experts around the world- took place on and April 1st and 2nd under the title ‘Concentrating Solar for Power and Heat’.
  • Abengoa has participated on the ‘Dispatchable Solar: complementarity of CSP, Thermal Storage, PV and Batteries’ panel.
  • The director of Innovation in Solar Technology Cristina Prieto represented Abengoa during de event.

April 6, 2020 - Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors, has participated the past April 1st and 2nd in the online conference ‘Concentrating Solar for Power and Heat about the future of solar energy’, organized by World Bank Group.

This participation took place in the panel ‘Dispatchable Solar: complementarity of CSP, Thermal Storage, PV and Batteries’, in which the director of Innovation in Solar Technology of Abengoa Cristina Prieto defended the importance of storage in the search of a 100% sustainable solar energy in front of many recognized experts in the sector.

As Prieto explained, the energy transition is not possible without the role of storage, and especially the role of the thermal energy storage, which is increasing in demand in the energy market, while the demand of renewable energies increases as well. Abengoa presented some hybrid solutions with solar energy and storage in solar power generation, solar process heat and solar/coal plants.

Currently, the company offers a reliable design based on its solar thermal experience, having designed and built parabolic trough plants with a global installed capacity of 1.6 GW while it has more than 80 MW in operation and 110 MW in construction in tower plants. In thermal energy storage, Abengoa has in commercial operation a storage capacity which exceeds 6,000 MWht with a salt-inventory of more than 200,000 tons. In addition, it has under construction more than 4,000 MWht.

Abengoa also continues innovating in the main key components with a test platform on a relevant scale to validate new designs, as well as it has specific strategies to increase solar thermal energy security and reliability. We can also add the in-house performance models, calibrated with commercial plants able to develop hybrid solutions that offer reliable guaranteed production.

Apart from Cristina Prieto, another recognized experts in the sector participated in the panel, such as the senior advisor for Technology Development of Solar Power and Storage Projects of DLR Michael Geyer, the president of Protermosolar Luís Crespo and the group manager of Thermal Systems R&D of NREL Mark Mehos. Other large companies in the sector were in the conference, such as ACWA Power, Cerro Dominador or Solrico, together with institutions like the University of Rabat or the Minister of Energy and Minerals Resources of Jordan.


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