Desalination and potabilization of seawater and brackish water is a process that has suffered a huge technology development in recent years and Abengoa is at the top of this technological knowledge development generation related to reverse osmosis. The innovation developed helps to reduce the energetic consumption of the process, the minimization of brine’s environmental impacts and develop new desalination technologies where renewables energies play a critical role. Abengoa also innovates in a fundamental aspect of the process, the intake water pretreatment. Technology based on micro and ultrafiltration membranes is being developed in order to correct any variation of the intake water quality, thus ensure the process availability and the water quality throughout the lifetime of the desalination plant.

Furthermore, this membrane technology will be the basefor the market development of the regeneration and reuse of wastewater.

Pre-treatment pilot plant for treating sea water with membranes, in Quingdao (China)

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