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PE&C in Peru

Abengoa has been working with a variety of NGOs in Peru since 2008. Beneficiaries are those in vulnerable situations and the aim of undertakings is to expand their opportunities to secure a prosperous future and a good standard of living. The program is thus directly involved with children in situations of extreme poverty and unstructured families, adults with disabilities and vulnerable senior citizens.

In Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Abengoa seeks to foster the social integration of youngsters through efforts conducted at the Santa Ana day care center. In the central region of the country, specifically in Comas (Lima) and Chotabamba (Cerro de Pasco), the PE&C Program collaborates with two geriatric residences toward improving senior citizens’ quality of life and autonomy. In Manchay, the focus is on developing character, talent and creativity of the disabled through cooking, craft and theater workshops. These activities are geared towards and organized according to the abilities and skills of each beneficiary with a view to maximizing their future prospects and potential for social integration and autonomy.

Education and assistance for those who are most vulnerable, including, for example, persons with disabilities, may be undermined in situations of extreme poverty. PE&C helps these groups to receive an education and the most suitable care, in addition to providing guidance to families on how to address people with special needs.

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