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PE&C in Mexico

In the latter part of 2011, Abengoa implemented its PE&C project in Mexico, focusing activities on adults and adolescents with independent intellectual disability.

If old age constitutes a handicap in and of itself in today’s society due to diminishing capacities in performing daily activities, then it is exacerbated in individuals suffering from this kind of illness, and they require further care and assistance in carrying out any of their day-to-day activities. Abengoa thus collaborates with the Celamex Center in Mexico by helping scores of people to enhance their quality of life and autonomy.

PE&C beneficiaries enjoy academic, occupational, labor-related, recreational and therapeutic activities, including a bakery workshop, psycho-pedagogical support, adapted physical education, theater, school support, and nutrition management and monitoring.

The project also involves the selection of outstanding bakery workshop students with the aim of expanding their schedules and promoting their inclusion in the working world at places outside the Celamex Center.

Abengoa likewise collaborates with the Guadalupano, A. C children’s boarding school. This organization takes in orphaned children to provide them with social and educational assistance and reintegrate them back into society.

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