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PE&C in India

Social organization in India is governed by an ancient and traditional caste system. As one goes down through the different social strata, rights, privileges and quality of life decrease. Occupying the lowest rung on the social ladder are the Adivasis, also known as indigenous people. The Adivasis do not belong to any social division and possess no caste, religion or access to education.

Abengoa has been engaged in collaborative efforts in India since April 2011 with the aim of facilitating access to education and improving nutrition and quality of life for (indigenous) Adivasi children. With this philosophy in mind, youngsters between the ages of 3 and 6 from over 60 villages prepare themselves each day to enter primary school by learning Gujarati (the official state language), pre-mathematics and writing. Being able to enter school as the product of acquiring these learning skills is key to eradicating child labor in the region.

Women also receive instruction in health and nutrition habits to ensure a healthy pregnancy and sound growth of their infants.

In addition, improvement initiatives are implemented at the Balbari facilities (kindergartens), as well as training sessions on nutrition, health and hygiene, and primary healthcare.

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