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PE&C in Argentina

Located in the northern region of Argentina, in the province of Santiago del Estero, are four cities in which the PE&C social development program is operating in this country. Each of these municipalities lacks industry, and their survival depends almost entirely on agricultural production or lumber during specific months of the year. Families must live on this income throughout the year.

The insufficiencies endured by the people who live in these four areas are many and wide-ranging, including a shortage of decent housing, minimal conditions of hygiene, and the lack of access to basic education.

With the aim of mitigating these deficiencies, Abengoa has been engaged in social action programs in Argentina since the 40s and, since 2005, channels its social undertakings through the PE&C Program. Today Abengoa carries out more than 55 different projects distributed into these four communities.

The primary activities conducted in these regions involve literacy and technical and occupational training for adults, educational monitoring and tutoring for conventional students with special needs, providing assistance to lunchrooms that feed children without resources, construction and adaptation of homes for families in situations of poverty and creating community gardens to teach beneficiaries how to grow their own food.

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