Campus Palmas Altas social model

«The CPA social model supports work-life balance»

As a result of the relocation in 2009 to Campus Palmas Altas (CPA), the new Abengoa corporate headquarters in Seville, we have developed a new business model based on work-life balance: the Campus Palmas Altas Social Model.

CPA is a sustainable business complex that promotes technological innovation and research and talent attraction, while enabling company employees to balance high productivity and a progressive social model.

Everything, including facility areas, the setting, the arrangement of elements, spatial orientation, architectural and energy concepts, was designed to meet the desired goal: a highly technological, sustainable, and socially responsible complex.

CPA offers our employees an ample food court comprising 1.600 m2 divided into three different restaurants which offer a variety of balanced meal selections; day care service for employees’ children between the ages of 0 and 3; a medical service staffed by specialized healthcare providers; a fitness area equipped for a variety of activities; several lounges with computers, and abundant open green spaces for taking a break or stroll.

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