«We build forward-looking relationships with the communities in which we operate»

We seek balanced economic, social and cultural development in the countries where the organization enjoys a presence by engaging in programs and initiatives that are carried out in the different geographical locations of company operation. And to this end, we communicate with society through the Focus Foundation which, since 1982, has been conducting work in five major areas: social development, cultural pursuits, employee welfare action, education, and research.

As described in its business model, Abengoa’s activity generates positive impacts on society and the communities where it operates, through:

  • Facilitating access to drinking water, thanks to desalination, re-utilisation and construction of water pipelines in regions where water supply previously proved unfeasible.
  • Generating electricity from renewable sources
  • Ensuring access to electricity in isolated regions as the product of local power transmission lines
  • Promoting sustainable transportation through bioethanol production

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