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Abengoa's strategic direction towards the environment; energy as a source of progress; and sustainability as a central pillar of development, reflects a growing awareness in society to satisfy today's needs without compromising those of future generations. This vision perfectly embodies Abengoa's objectives and those of everyone that makes up this company.

This means that everyone that works in Abengoa feels deeply involved in this change in outlook and behaviour when thinking about development and tackling the challenges of the future. If we combine this with Abengoa's commitment to educating and technical training for its employees to enable the company to become a global leader in technology and innovation, there is a clear alignment between both objectives.

The most common characteristics among Abengoa's people are a pride in belonging to the company, great motivation and the professional challenge that each person experiences from working for the company.

Juan José Carrasco
Juan José Carrasco
Finance manager in the water business area.
4 years with the company

"Working in Abengoa means working with the best – the premier league – and as such you have to play like a top player, because Abengoa believes in personal achievement right from the start".

"Sustainability and respect for the environment; solidarity through the Focus-Abengoa Foundation; a commitment to R&D+i; continuous growth in its results; and project management give Abengoa important competitive advantages in the markets in which it operates".

María José Esteruelas
María José Esteruelas
General manager of the engineering business area in South America
13 years with the company

“Abengoa is a company that constantly creates challenges. The possibilities that the managers have to do things, to start new projects and to enter new markets, are enormous”.

“Every time that you change position, or that a new activity begins in an area, you need knowledge that you did not have previously. The company offers the means to acquire this knowledge (training courses, participation in seminars, trade fairs, conferences, etc.), but it is your daily work that requires the greatest effort. I’m an engineer and I have had to learn to interpret a balance sheet or an income statement, to understand a financial model and to know how to analyse contract risks”.

“Abengoa is going to continue growing, changing and restructuring and I hope to continue evolving and learning from each new activity and project in which I am able to participate”.

“I really appreciate Abengoa’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, knowing that we are working in cutting-edge areas and are contributing our two cents – our grain of sand – to helping the planet”.

Rafael Sánchez
Rafael Sánchez
Project manager
14 years with the company

"Abengoa is an intrepid company, which carries out projects that few others dare to take on. To be able to work for the company, developing solar energy thermal plants, has given me an opportunity that few engineers have. In a few months I am going to the United States to manage one of the largest projects in the world in the desert in California".

"Abengoa is a very open company that is growing strongly, in which personal initiative is highly valued. In the different positions that I have held, I have always been able to define the content of my work and the way that I wanted to carry it out. A few years ago I took a master's course in business administration at the San Telmo International Institute, paid for by Abengoa, and everything that I learnt has been extremely useful to me in tackling the new challenges of being a project manager".

"My future at Abengoa continues to be as promising as it has been fruitful in the past. Each project is larger and more challenging than the last. At Abengoa I have learnt to enjoy each new challenge and this has been the principal attraction of my work".

Cyrille Grellier
Cyrille Grellier
R&D engineer in the solar energy business area.
1 years with the company

"My work in Abengoa allows me to fully develop my professional objectives, which are to actively participate in the development of new renewable solutions for generating energy and to continue developing my skills and knowledge in the best possible environment. As a leading company in renewable energy, it is essential that the firm is continuously innovating. This need for innovation is the main challenge that I face every day, but it is also what makes my work so inspiring and exciting".

"Abengoa gives its employees lots of confidence, which allows them to quickly take on important responsibilities. Furthermore, it is a very large multinational that offers a broad spectrum of development opportunities both in Spain and abroad. By combining these two factors, Abengoa creates an extremely positive environment for complete professional development, which gives employees the chance to build their professional careers based on their ambitions, objectives, desires and needs".

"I fully share the company's philosophy in relation to sustainability and the environment. Its strategy and vision of the future are what most attracted me when I decided that Abengoa was to be the organisation in which I was going to develop my professional career".

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